We love our paintings! You have truly made a profound difference in our home. In literature, one speaks of the voice of the author but I know that I can hear your voice in these paintings. Your art simultaneously conveys warmth, power, confidence and hope. What else could one want in his home?
— Mark Fleisher, Jacksonville, FL —

"You are light, you are beauty, you have brought us immeasurable joy and we are truly blessed to be surrounded by your paintings. We will awaken every morning and bid adieu to each evening with the energy and life you bring to our home"

MB, Arden NC

This painting touches me so deeply,that I just want to sit and stare at it all day! I think I am in love with it! It will not be hung where I originally planned, over my sofa. No, this masterpiece deserves a big open space with no competition with anything. So now gotta get to redecorating my house. Ha!

- MM

Your new work is spectacular.  It is deeply moving and in motion and reaches the depths of consciousness and stirs up new powerful emotions.  It truly sprouts like water from the earth.  There is something so fluid and deeply moving about it and the motion continues on in your body and heart and soul.  But there is also a great core that I feel in the new work which feels like great, powerful love.  It is very potent.

Julie Forbes, Asheville NC

I must tell you, it was such a joy spending time in your gallery and with you. I was and still am stunned by the quality and energy of your work. I once practiced hypnotherapy but it was you and your works who hypnotized me for those hours. What an amazing experience for myself as well as for my daughter! When we left the building and were sitting in her car she said to me: "Mom, what just happened in there?" I said: "I have no idea!" …I will see "Cosmic Voyage" on my wall every day and remember the journey of awakening we all share. You surely are a COSMIC LIGHT on this journey. Thank you for your part in lighting up my life!


I am 72 and retired, living in Northern California,and LOVE TO PAINT.  I was looking on You Tube for inspiration and a new direction for my  art and there you were: so free AND you like rhythmic MUSIC (as do I)!  From that first encounter my art completely changed!  Whenever I start a new painting and I want to energize myself, I just look you up on You Tube and VOILA! New Inspiration.  Thank you for your great work and your philosophy of "letting go."  My experience of creating art has gone through the roof due to your example. Bless you for all you are doing for Art with Passion!

Perry Cordill

I just want you to know how much joy your work has brought me. After a difficult day I come home and just spend a few minutes looking at the paintings. I am moved by the colors and the excitement. Your work provides both a kind of serenity and an energy all at the same time. Thank you for enriching our home and our lives. I must say that part of the satisfaction we feel from owning these paintings is that they remind us of you. We are grateful for the time you take to explain your work and share your passion.

Dr. Hal M. Lewis, Chicago, IL

That generous and loving spirit that you share is a beautiful expression of the beautiful, generous, loving Spirit that connects us all and lets me know that I am not alone. It is so clearly in you and it simply and clearly radiates from your work to those of us fortunate enough to have experienced it. I felt alive and loved in a way that only comes from connecting with the Great Spirit that created us and is in us all. It was truly a Wow! experience for me.
Maggie Mosteller

It is difficult to describe the expressions on some faces when the people come into my office (probably expecting a somewhat more staid environment, given my dark pinstriped suit) and see the bended-wood wall construction that hangs on my wall, above the Victorian sofa. I have witnessed unannounced smiles, which is exactly what I want - the client's recognition that there is something more in life than the problem for which she or he sits before the attorney. Thanks, so much, for bringing that message home, every day.
James C. Brady, Attorney at Law, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Your paintings are awesome, I don't know how to express it but I feel a big connection when I see your art. You are one of my favorite artists in the world and your artwork inspires me and gives me a lot of energy to believe it is possible to give love, peace, and harmony through the Arts.

Maria del Pilar Vargas-Lopez

What a joy it is to be present with all the beauty you create. It is such an uplifting experience for me and whomever I bring.


Just wanted you to know, you and your work has and is an ongoing inspiration for my art and how I conduct myself daily! Thank You so much

R.G. Ottawa, Canada

"The purpose of this way of painting is to obtain the maximum amount of expression with a minimum of effort. His years of meditation have created a clear path for the fearless process of channeling creative energy."

Dennis Ray

"Words cannot express the life meaningful experience I felt and appreciation you showed me back in April. It was more than enough to actually visit your gallery, but to spend time with me was priceless. Thanks to your inspiration I am able to release the artist within. It gave me the drive and energy to paint and let go. The music easily flows through and magic appears on the canvas."

D.J. Urban

"I have been the owner of your work, Genesis X, since the early 80's. I selected the piece in a small gallery in Winter Park, Florida and have enjoyed it in multiple cities and numerous residences, both contemporary and traditional. I am again in the process of moving my residence and upon removing this piece from above a mantel, noticed your signage on the back and thought to research your works via Google. It is an amazing piece, and I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed living with it over these many years. Many thanks for your artistry."

C.H., Atlanta, Georgia

"He makes it come together beautifully," said Tami Summerour, of Old Fort. "It's just so exciting...The colors are just so alive." For Keith Aitken, Gerard is someone who's "got it all figured out." "He doesn't have that persona of someone who's well-known, he's just a people-person," said Aitken, who recently worked with Gerard on a Riverlink fundraiser.

Asheville Citizen Times, Nov. 21, 2007

"Abstract Expressionism is ideal for art therapy since it involves less concern with the final product and more focus on putting trust in the creative process. I doubt that Jonas Gerard has any clue how he has helped others by showing his technique on YouTube. He probably has no idea what his method is an ideal outlet for those struggling with depressionand other mood disorders and well as anxiety disorders."

Sheila Wilson

"Sentimental Mountains" is a true expression of a landscape, a work that captures its essence with its simple lines, many depths, and infinitely complex colors. It really is breathtaking!

"Shift Happens" grabbed me while tethered to the wall of your studio amidst so many other wonderful works, but on its own, it is stunning. What a privilege it is for me to serve as the custodian for this superb creation of your labyrinthine mind.

"Recognition V" rests comfortably in the company of its two extraordinary companions, confident that it is wholly unique and inexplicable.

Now that I have had some time to spend alone with the paintings, I am seeing more in them than I realized was present at first, much more. Recognition V is really quite amazing. Many things are there awaiting discovery when the mind is better prepared for it. You meditate in order to clear your mind and get ready to paint. The beholder too needs some clarity and inner peace in order to resonate with the creation.

Douglas Wahlsten,  Greensboro NC

"I have been following your works since 1974 when I purchased "Nikki Running" at the Coconut Grove Art Festival
(during my hippie days!).  Since 1974, I have been through 2 husbands, millions of boyfriends, alcohol, drugs, you name it. During my crazy days I managed to lose houses, cars, boats, jewelry, clothes, and whatever money could buy. However, I am happy to say that the one thing I was able to hang onto was my Jonas Gerard painting and my Sanity! What else does a girl need!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Marta M., Waynesville, NC

"As time has gone by, we have really begun to gain a greater understanding of what your paintings bring and what they are. The essence of your work seems to actually be within the painting itself. Somehow, you seem to have been able to convey the very Source of creative power and energy directly onto your canvas. It is not a description of that Source, it IS the very Source! I believe that is why your art has such an incredible ability to transform, to emanate and to radiate."

Laura Grindle, Columbus, OH

"Your abstracts are what I really feel a connection with. I feel a sense of childlike playfulness in your paintings which is what I think art should ultimately be - childlike play. The colors, the shapes, the way it all comes together is absolutely beautiful. Seeing your paintings yesterday was a fabulous sensory experience. And to be able to touch everything!"

Francesca Signorelli, Vero Beach, FL

"I just wanted to tell you that you and your art were the highlights of our trip. We really enjoyed meeting you,
and your art is absolutely beautiful in our home. It is breathtaking and complements the art which is already on our walls.
Your art invites the best in all that surrounds it to be revealed."

Janet Beverly, Kansas City, KA

"Your works are changing and inspiring my thoughts everyday. Simply Awesome"

Mary Hagood, Charlotte, NC

I resonate so clearly with everything you do. From the spontaneous, energetic movement of your work...to the music you played to inspire you...to the eclectic mix of textures and materials, and bold use of colors. Found objects is another personal favorite of mine. Thank you again for sharing your art, your inspiration, and your passion with me."

Jan Jones, Plantation, FL

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy the work that was purchased. It is just amazing! Each day
I find something new or another expression. I looked very long and hard for the right piece, but yours only took
a matter of minutes for me to realize it was perfect.

Tim Over, Chicago, IL

"I just noticed your work on YouTube,..and couldn't get enough...I too am an artist, and you make me want to pump up the volume, grab brushes and paint..!! Just had to tell you..thanks so much for sharing."

 Debra Blades, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

"We use "doodling" to have patients reach the sensation levels, the level where words fail to express the process. In your YouTube videos, I believe I can observe that you connect deeply with that level and express from that place. No fear, just trust in who you are and what comes out in front of everyone's eyes. Truly in that place judgment ceases to be able to grab a hold of you or your art... perhaps showing people through your art that there are these very deep levels is how you bring joy, healing and trust in the universe to those around you"

Claudia Patton, PD Homeopathy, UK, Eugene OR.

"Jonas, we have received our painting "Love Conquers All". It is even
more stunning in reality and is the talk of the town."

Linda Ward, Marietta, OH

"Your art is alive and vibrating the very essence of true Creation. And I believe that essence is
what all people can recognize and are drawn to, when we take a moment to consider it."

Laura Grindle, Columbus, OH

"We truly had a unique and fabulous experience with you bringing yourself, your art and your expertise to our home. Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our purchases and it was wonderful to see them on your website. Thank-you for leaving us with some pieces of your self expression."

Marjorie and Allan Feliu, Miami, FL

I have never had so many positive reactions from friends/family as I have from your painting. Your work expresses so much joy and positive energy and just makes people (including me!) feel good. 

It was a pleasure meeting you and discovering the magic of your art

Melanie Kearns

"Thank you for your time and, importantly, your talent. Every time I walk by your picture in our entry
or stand in our Florida room and gaze at the piece hanging on our wall, I am so thankful that we took
the plunge and became art owners -- the pieces are nothing short of spectacular and we couldn't
be more thrilled with our choices."

Anna Maltzman, Coral Gables, FL

"We love our paintings! You have truly made a profound difference in our home. In literature, one speaks of the voice of the author but I know that I can hear your voice in these paintings. Your art simultaneously conveys warmth, power, confidence and hope. What else could one want in his home?"

Mark Fleisher, Jacksonville, FL

"...moments captured not with form but with color, with unbounded emotion. Hues immersed in raw feeling, in truth. The world is a better place, brighter, more true, more beautiful for the sharing of your vision."

Darby Hayes, Miami, FL

"We hung your painting right away. It truly beckons me...in the morning and in the evening, with its coolness and warmth, smoothness and sandiness. The integration of the elements are delightfully, transcendentally
depicted--earth, fire, air and water--into One."

S.L., Naples, FL

"We hung them as soon as we got back. The art is really spectacular and ties our whole
living area together in a very pleasing way."

Bill Petry, Delray Beach, FL

"Some artists paint from the intellect. Some paint from the heart.
Jonas Gerard does more than that; he paints from the soul."

Joanna S., Hazelwood, NC

"Just wanted to let you know that your work brings a smile wide to my face and inspires me to the Nth degree. It was an amazing pleasure to enter your space and feel the energy and vibe, and so much love. From the atmosphere to the sales people to the stellar work you produce in all mediums, your place blew my mind."

Brenda Malloy, Gloucester, MA

"Your beautiful paintings are going to adorn our hallway wall that is the heart and center of our home because it is the main passage way to all the rooms in our small ranch. Seeing them makes me smile because they make me think of your smile. I am glad I got to bring a little part of you home with me…"

Madalyn M, Chicago, IL


"I think your art and your soul is going to be a path in my life that I needed to get to where I need to be.  Thank you for being you and doing what you do. You are my inspiration and I'm sure an inspiration to many around the world."

Sundee Vandiver, Olympia, WA

"I first experienced the magic of Jonas Gerard at the advice of a friend who knew I loved abstract art.  I was in a deep depression at the time.  Being desperate, and curious to see his work at such a strong recommendation, I went to his studio.  I was immediately transformed into another world.  A world of vibrance and color.  I couldn't help but be swept away by it.  I spent quite a bit of time there.  Something transformed inside of me.  I immediately got a sense of purpose, to express myself on canvas.  His spark moved through me and I got a renewed interest in painting again.  I started painting every day, and made hundreds of pieces.  Jonas has become my personal hero.  I have had the immense pleasure of talking to him about his work.  At least every month, and on days where I am feeling down, I go to his studio.  The works are changed out so frequently that each time is a new experience.  In a way, Jonas has saved my life.  Or at least created a new life inside me.  I will forever be grateful to him.  His works are on display at the restaurant where I work - Stovetrotters - and now I get to start my day surrounded by the beauty he has created.  I consider it a special gift and it always lifts my spirits!"

Celeste Heery, Candler, NC

"This weekend was absolutely life changing…! I couldn't wait to get to my studio today after I bought the tshirt from the gift shop… Please tell Jonas that he has changed mine and my daughters life."

Renee Hollifield, Asheville, NC

Poems to Jonas

An explosion of colors.............
They dance many dances.
They sing many songs.
They inspire like a highwire act,
These paintings of Jonas Gerard.

I gasp at the magic of risk,
The beauty of spirit movement.
All this on canvas.
Is it possible as I cry
tears from the heart
as the painting and I become one
in gratitude for all that is life?

I hear you, feel you,
I embrace the Art
and walk away changed.
A closer walk with the heart
A joyful walk with the spirit.

Jeanne Reynolds, Asheville, NC


A moment of a man, who in solitude he stands
His soul, it shown.  A part of the unknown.
Out on the wall, his canvas, it bore all.
I could picture it all.  See the wind and the skies.
This song, woven amidst the sway of time.
An echo, a gift, alone and adrift, for in memory
I sit.  The line, it blurs, and reality returns.
These words I write, no clarity in sight.
In time, I know, I will smile, I will grow.
But never to forget, that moment, my visit.

Christopher Henry-Blair


A moment, a man
Divinity, and then
Silence, harsh reality
A solitudal drive
This moment in time
The spark of madness, divinity
His presence a part of mine
The canvas, a soul, of this I can’t let go
The painter extraordinaire

Christopher Henry-Blair


Into the uncertain abyss,
Hurled with the speed of lightening
Cosmic colors fly
on canvas.
Creating dreams
Living Imaginations
Miracles of Heart
Touching my Soul.
Inner orbs of rising vibrations
Reflecting the brilliant creation
Radiating my depths
to New and Abundant Life

Arielle Noble Bahmueller

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