Every man's work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself.
— Samuel Butler —

Art, Inspiration & More

Videos help illustrate the energy that goes into Jonas' paintings.  There are many on the YouTube and elsewhere and this is the home of the newest and best.

There are more than can easily fit on one page.  "The Making Of" series showcases the creation of individual paintings and "Performance Painting" shows his energetic fusion of painting and music.  Other pages are in the links to the left. More to come... 

The Making of 'Life, Love and Passion' a 30-foot mural

Jonas created a 30-foot mural in front of a live audience during the Spring 2015 River Arts District Studio Stroll.


An Impromptu Performance

RomanticAsheville.com visited Jonas at the new Riverview Station gallery and filmed this great video.

Sweeping Gestures

Painting with whisk brooms.

Art Is Alive

Mira Gerard speaks about the nature of art at one of her father's painting performances.


Uncertainty and unpredictability is a source of freedom.

Soul Biographies: One True Voice

A portrait of Jonas Gerard

ONE TRUE VOICE from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

Elementary School Interviews

Jonas interviewed by area schoolchildren.

A Touch of Silk

Jonas paints a large silk sarong in the studio.

WLOS News 13 Interview with Jonas

A rare look at an important point in Jonas' life...


Selected New Works - Winter 2011-12

New paintings, wall constructions and mobiles...

Letting Go

The perfect introduction to Jonas' art and philosophy.

Gallery Tour

A quick walk through the gallery...

Asheville's Calling

Jonas and the gallery make an energetic appearance in this promotional video for Asheville, NC.


The 3 minute trailer for
"Jonas Gerard: A Distinctive Voice"
by Bitter Jester Creative

Bronze 2008 Telly Award - Documentary category
Gold 2009 Aurora Award - Feature Trailer category
Platinum 2009 Hermes Award -  Documentary category

Watch the trailer by Chicago
Video Production Company
Bitter Jester Creative

click here

(then look in the upper right of the page)


Bronze Telly








Platinum Hermes








Gold Aurora








Shift Happens

A film by Athena Reel Productions
by Christian McKinney


Jonas at the Montauk Fine Arts Festival

May 26, 2008


Looking Forward, Looking Back

Jonas' painting Golden Force #71 adorns the cover art of this new recording by Billy Cardine.

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