The audience grows quiet, heads turning, seeking out the energy in this wildly , colorful studio where blank canvases await their turn to be brought to life. Splashes of myriad colors of paint cover tables, chairs, walls...some areas so thick they too become works of art. Now the music starts and the artist prowls the stage. The anticipation is palpable. There is hushed excitement as the first color is laid down, its form dictated by the music,the movement, the flow. What will be borne out of the next few of art never imagined---colors meeting each other and morphing into unexplainable beauty and magic. What Jonas teaches us as he paints is that there are no mistakes, no right, no wrong, just the pureness of letting go and the painting paints itself, having flowed from the music, passing through the soul of this immensely loveable man, onto the brush, onto the canvas. Come witness the passion and feel the excitement and energy that defines the creations of Jonas Gerard.
— Marylin —

Jonas Painting Live - What's It All About?


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"Trusting the intuition" ....a captivating experience

While rhythmic music plays in the background, Jonas becomes completely absorbed in expressing what is in his heart with a gestural painting style that appears almost as a spontaneously choreographed dance.  To the viewer, it may seem that the painting is done by the music itself while the artist is simply holding the brush.  However, the years of dedication to this trust allows an artistic integrity to flow through his work.

We've added an exciting fresh dimension to Jonas' painting performances.  Since his new flow painting style requires the canvas to lay flat, this new video display and overhead camera gives the audience a unique perspective. Now spectators can see the art as it happens, from the same angle at which Jonas sees it!

The Art Of Opening

Creative Energy

Studio Stroll Painting Performance - Nov 2012

In the studio...

Painting Performance & Art Auction for Caring For Children

Pack Square, Asheville, Aug 18, 2012



The Making of Two Thumbs Up

A special commission for a special client


Live Painting Performance with The Billy Sea

Asheville River Arts District Studio Stroll - Nov 12, 2011


Live Painting Performance with
The River Guerguerian Project

Sept 10, 2011


Live Painting Performance with
The River Guerguerian Project

River Arts District Studio Stroll - June 11&12, 2011

Live Painting at The Reedy River Jazz & Wine Festival

Greenville, SC, Friday, April 29, 2011

Jonas, featured performer, painted live in Greenville, South Carolina, at The Reedy River Jazz and Wine Festival on Friday April 29, 2011, from 5-10 pm. An incredible event which featured some of finest regionally and nationally acclaimed musicians - all for a worthy cause! Put on by the Ronald McDonald House, the experience created an overall sense of community in order to support the ongoing critical and increased needs of the growing number of hospitalized children and their families from the upstate and beyond their borders.


Artizen Fine Arts Painting Performance

May 25, 2007


Live Painting Performance at Hatchfest Fundraiser

April 7, 2009


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