June 16, 2017

Christine 40x60, cubist, nude

Observing Art: A Two Part Series


Introducing a two part Blog series written by an art therapist and a psychologist who share a love of the artistic process and an attraction to the Picasso influenced, figurative painting “Christine” that Jonas painted in the 1980’s.

Part 1The Process of Painting, by Carl Gaconno


Part 2Where There is No Beginning and End, by Margit


June 16, 2017

The Process of Painting

When a painting speaks to you:

Reflections on Jonas Gerard’s Christine

by Carl B. Gacono


Whether conducting a diagnostic interview or attempting to understand an existential experience, success depends on asking the right questions. In a similar manner, speculation about the motivation of the abstract artist or what they were attempting to achieve are the wrong questions and will not reveal why the painting speaks to you. In part, why the painting touches your heart and soul begins with understanding the painting process.

June 16, 2017

Cosmic Voyage #223 - 40x40

Where There is no Beginning and End

A poem and reflections on the painting “Christine”,

and art in general, by Margit Steiner




Where do we meet ?
In the corridors of life going from one room to the next
In the stillness of the noise
In the eye of the hurricane
In the spaces where the mind sees the same lines, forms, colors and composition that makes the whole?
In the second when the water drop  is suspended in midair before it decides to land on sacred ground

In the moving and turning of bodies reflecting the lights and shadows of our soul
In the wanting and holding
finding and losing
moving through the landscape of intertwined hills and valleys of body and soul
Where there is no beginning and end
and the soul and essence of life meets and melts into one
Where creation and the Divine collapse into each other and become one singularity
And Self is reflected back to us in the face of another.


Maybe that is what art is all about.