November 21, 2018

When A Painting Speaks To You
Part II: What Makes A Painting Work?

In Part I of “When A Painting Speaks To You”, we explored how one can be drawn into an abstract expressionistic painting. By allowing oneself to feel the energy of the painting, the viewer often connects to the artists’ process of creation, resulting in feelings of completeness, wholeness and peacefulness—of things being “right.” In this way, abstract expressionism can be a mirror for life, where the “unexpected” shapes and directs what follows. This is what pulls us to the painting—our innate resonance with a very natural and sometimes spiritual process.

October 16, 2018

When A Painting Speaks to You Part I:
Reflections on Jonas Gerard’s Christine

Whether conducting a diagnostic interview or attempting to understand an existential experience, success depends on asking the right questions. In a similar manner, speculation about the motivation of the abstract artist or what they were attempting to achieve are the wrong questions and will not reveal why the painting speaks to you. In part, why the painting touches your heart and soul begins with understanding the painting process.

November 3, 2017

A Short Film