November 3, 2017

A Short Film

October 4, 2017

Great Music Inspires Great Painting

Jonas Gerard traveled to London in Late September, 2017, to collaborate with composer Tom Player, of Lost Track Productions.

The inspiration behind this project is discussed in detail on Jonas Gerard Art Blog here.

The short video below, from the recording of Tom’s first Studio Album, Resonance Theory, will give you a feeling for what kind of atmosphere Jonas enjoyed on his trip.

September 26, 2017

Jonas Collaboration with Composer in London

Update, 9/29/17

Video and photos are trickling in!



Presented with an amazing opportunity for collaboration, Jonas Gerard has flown to London to create a special series of paintings in the midst of a live orchestra.

Composer Tom Player, of Lost Track Productions.

Composer Tom Player, of Lost Track Productions.

Tom Player, a composer based in London, England, discovered Jonas and his action painting style on Youtube.  Mr. Player’s music is often used in film trailers for big budget Hollywood movies and video game releases, as well as high end car commercials, and he is the creative mind behind Lost Track Productions.

Inspired by Jonas’ improvisational, musically driven, approach to painting, Mr. Player reached out to the artist and offered him a chance to collaborate. Tom is recording his second full length album of compositions with over seventy orchestral musicians, in the world famous Air Studios, in North London.