Where There is no Beginning and End

A poem and reflections on the painting “Christine”, and art in general, by Margit Steiner     “Christine” Where do we meet ? In the corridors of life going from one room to the next In the stillness of the noise In the eye of the hurricane In the spaces where the mind sees the […]

Asheville Citizens Celebrate Jonas Gerard

Asheville Citizens Gather to Celebrate 10 Years of Jonas Gerard   Asheville citizens came together on May 18th, in coordination with the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, for the 10th anniversary celebration of Jonas Gerard Fine Art. With coverage by the Asheville Citizen Times, the event also brought attention to the River Arts District’s bi-annual Studio […]

Floral Reflections

The artGuide, May 2017 edition, features the Spring theme of floral paintings. Read the article titled ‘Floral Reflections’, about Jonas’ new abstracted floral paintings.   Jonas Gerard Fine Art invites the community to visit Asheville during the River Arts District Studio Stroll, May 20-21 and the experience Jonas’ new abstracted floral series titled ‘Fiori’, ‘Floral […]