Jonas Gerard Art

Art Is Alive: featuring Mira Gerard

We were very honored to have Jonas’ daughter, the painter and art professor Mira Gerard, join us for the June 2013 River Arts District Studio Stroll.  As a special bonus to the Saturday painting performance, she gave a fascinating talk about ongoing vitality of painting and other art forms. Reminiscing about growing up in an […]

The 3rd Grade Interviews

A Very Special Interview Various local 3rd grade students recently asked Jonas to participate in their “Heroes Of Asheville” journalism project.  The students chose a number of local public figures to be interviewed about their work and contributions to the community.  Jonas was honored to be among them. During the interview process Jonas was caught […]

For The Love of Heart

It’s that time of year again- February- and Valentine’s Day is coming- and accompanying these events is the universal symbol of love, the Heart. Jonas Gerard’s Heart paintings are colorfully symbolic images that touch the human heart and spirit. Whether on canvas or free formed, three-dimensional sculpted Hearts suspended in the air, his brilliant images […]