Jonas Gerard

Creative Energy – The Art Of Opening

In our gallery there are signs stating, “It’s OK To Touch”. This speaks of and reinforces my love for the tactile elements in art.  I don’t strive simply for an in-your-face assault on the senses.  Instead, I work to shift and channel creative energy in its multitude of forms and express it through the indescribable […]

The 3rd Grade Interviews

A Very Special Interview Various local 3rd grade students recently asked Jonas to participate in their “Heroes Of Asheville” journalism project.  The students chose a number of local public figures to be interviewed about their work and contributions to the community.  Jonas was honored to be among them. During the interview process Jonas was caught […]

What Is A Giclee Print?

For centuries, artists have reproduced their artwork in order to offer a range of styles and affordable images in a variety of sizes to collectors. Jonas Gerard offers giclee prints of his Abstracts, Landscapes, Hearts and Vintage images in his gallery and online at The jaw dropping, awe inspiring, breathtaking collection of Jonas’ giclee […]