Where There is no Beginning and End

A poem and reflections on the painting “Christine”, and art in general, by Margit Steiner     “Christine” Where do we meet ? In the corridors of life going from one room to the next In the stillness of the noise In the eye of the hurricane In the spaces where the mind sees the […]

Studio Talk With Jonas

[Ed. Note: The following is a transcription of a studio talk Jonas gave to a group of visitors recently] This is my area.  It’s my sacred area.  In last two days I’ve made seven new paintings here. I’ve been inspired by these quotes (pointing to the quotes on the wall) as well as these from […]

What Is A Giclee Print?

For centuries, artists have reproduced their artwork in order to offer a range of styles and affordable images in a variety of sizes to collectors. Jonas Gerard offers giclee prints of his Abstracts, Landscapes, Hearts and Vintage images in his gallery and online at jonasgerardprintstore.com. The jaw dropping, awe inspiring, breathtaking collection of Jonas’ giclee […]